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Amsterdam Adventures – Edition 4: The Dog Days of Summer

July 31, 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

The Netherlands had record breaking temperatures last week.  At one point, when I looked at my watch, it was 101 degrees Fahrenheit!  It was warmer here, while Houston was having a “cold front”.  The apartments in Amsterdam do not have air con (short for air conditioning, as the locals call it), ours being one of them.  Our apartment has been remodeled and is pretty energy efficient, but still can get really HOT. 

The dogs and I escaped to WeWork, where T’s office is located.  The front office staff at WeWork are always so welcoming.  The concept of WeWork is that everyone rents office space so that they have a place to work.  Start-up and established companies are located throughout the building.  The companies at WeWork may have many employees or one, etc.  WeWork offices are located all over the world and even in Houston.  Often times, I go to WeWork and write for my blog. 

The dogs and I were very happy to be in the air-conditioning at WeWork!    

As you can see in the picture, Macy is doing much better.  She had a follow-up appointment and the vet said is doing great.  I thought maybe she was allergic to Amsterdam – ha, ha!  She is eating diet food again, she ate diet food in Texas too.  She is walking more than she ever did, so maybe she will lose some weight along with her owner – ha, ha!  

The dogs enjoyed helping T at the office and Moxie enjoyed making a new friend at the office.  As you can see, Moxie was exhausted from a hard day at the office – ha, ha!

Since it was so hot, we went out to eat a lot because the stove heats up the apartment.  Some restaurants offered their patrons extra ways to stay cool.


Carrying backpacks can also cause people to sweat excessively.  The person pictured below found a “cool” way to carry his items in his fanny pack and wear lightweight clothing.  Europeans wear their fanny packs across their bodies on their chest.  I wear my fanny pack on my waist which doesn’t look “cool”.  

AA 4 fanny pack

I am GLAD that the HEAT WAVE is OVER!

Anchored in Hope in Amsterdam, 



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